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Japanese Social Media - Reasons why Japanese / English translation is as important as the content

This is not a blog about why Social Media is important. We know it is, and we know it's not going to change. The reach is unquestionable and especially in Japan where most of the population are internet and smartphone literate. Social media is simply part of life. But having your social media content in the correct language, whether Japanese or English, and the need for correct, native, tailored translation is just a important as the content itself.

Why? Here are a few reasons to start with:
  1. Globalization: Social media is consumed, viewed and engaged by people all over the world. Whether intentionally or not. Japanese / English translation of your content can help facilitate communication and convey your message with the target audience, whether they speak Japanese or English. This is particularly important in today's globalized world, where people from diverse backgrounds, countries and cultures are interacting with your content online, across channels and formats. Why would you not maximise the chance to have your content in front of more eyes by providing it in the language they can prefer?

  2. Business opportunities: Japanese / English translation can be essential for businesses looking to expand into the Japanese market or to communicate with Japanese-speaking customers or partners. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn can be used to connect with your potential audience, clients and partners. Therefore accurate and native sounding translation is crucial for building trust and establishing relatable relationships. Regardless of the content, if it's conveyed in a way which is not natural for that industry, sector or topic, it will have a negative effect on the intended audience. Potentially creating missed opportunities for engagement and future reach.

  3. Cultural exchange and growing reach: Japanese / English translation can help to bridge the gap between different cultures and facilitate greater understanding, reach and appreciation of different ways of life both in and out of Japan. Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting cultural exchange and helping people learn about different cultures and languages through your content. Providing it in both English and Japanese helps ensure all users, viewers, target audience can understand well what they're consuming and increase the likelihood of future engagement and sharing.

Overall, having professional native Japanese / English translation is important for social media for the obvious reasons of facilitating communication, business opportunities, cultural exchange, and access to information. Having your content in the correct language, whether Japanese or English, and having it in a native, tailored form is just a important as the content itself. Contact us if you need help, have questions or want to discuss your needs. Sloane Japan

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