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Supporting YouMeWe NPO

At Sloane Japan, we believe every child, including orphans and disadvantaged children, deserves the opportunity to become a leader. Through our support of YouMeWe NPO, we are dedicated to removing barriers and creating pathways that foster the leadership potential of Japan's youth. We focus on educational and developmental programs that equip these young minds with the skills and confidence needed to shape a better future. 




YouMeWe is a Tokyo-based non profit organization that is dedicated to nurturing and supporting local children from institutionalized homes. For over a decade, YouMeWe NPO’s mission is to assist students in becoming fully independent as they reach the age of 18, such as gaining digital and financial literacy.


Digital Classes at Orphanages

In today’s digital age, providing access to digital classes at the orphanage is crucial for equipping children with the skills necessary for tomorrow’s challenges. These classes offer essential digital knowledge, to open doors and opportunities, ensuring every child can pursue a future filled with possibilities.

YouMeWe digital class orphanage
YouMeWe orphanage sphero ball class


Life and Work Skills

As well as Digital, we educate on life skill lessons for older orphans. How to manage money and career advice and consultations to support their job hunting journey. Also, for all ages, English lessons to help prepare orphans for global opportunities.

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