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Words that make sense and work.

Expert translation, localization and content creation for English & Japanese
audiences in Japan.


What do we mean "Words that make sense?"
Well, for a start, copy that is accurate, both culturally and linguistically, and also copy that just makes sense to your audience.

Not always just what you want to say, but what your audience wants and needs to hear. 

We both translate and localiz
e from English to Japanese and Japanese to English (translation and localization are different by the way). We also write and create content. From subtitle creation, to travel and entertainment articles, to educational courses.

In short, we translate, localize and create the content you need to succeed with both English and Japanese audiences in Japan. 


So, who are we?
Why us?

Our Japan-based team consists of native Japanese speakers, as well as bilingual professionals from the UK and the US. Basically, a team that not only speaks native level fluent English and Japanese, but also understands how each culture thinks.

Our industry knowledge covers the range from travel and education, through to energy and finance. 


Our agency aim is simple. Help your company hit your goals in Japan, whatever the metrics are, by taking on requests related to the English and Japanese languages. 

Sloane Japan
Translation / Localisation / Writing / Japan


Of course each situation and project is unique, so together let's figure out the best solution and exactly what's needed. 

  • Translation & Localisation

    • Subtitles​

    • Business presentations, manuals and sales materials

  • Copywriting, Articles and Blogs

    • Travel​

    • Entertainment

  • Content Creation​

    • Educational Courses​

    • Social Media Content

  • Interpretation (Consecutive or Simultaneous)

  • Videography and Photography (Yes, we do actually)



  • Translation

  • Localization

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Task Management

  • Cryptocurrency and Finance exchange

3D / Digital

  • Business Development

  • Cross Cultural Comms

  • Project Management

  • Translation

  • Localization

  • Interpretation

  • Digital / 3D / AR / VR

  • Metaverse


TV, Web, Sports

  • Translation

  • Localization

  • App, Website, Articles, Blogs

  • Subtitling

  • Project Management

  • Cross Cultural Comms

  • Entertainment, Games

  • Culture and Sports



  • Market Entry Support

  • RFI / RFP

  • Cross Cultural Comms

  • Business Developement

  • Networking

  • Translation, localisation

  • Interpretation

  • Energy, Renewables and Smart Energy Data sector

  • Private and Government

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