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At Sloane Japan, we are developing the next generation in Japan.

We do 3 things: Writing, education and making a positive social impact.

1. Creating educational video scripts that inspire and offering business consulting to navigate the Japanese market.

2. We are supporting the next generation of leaders, which is why "Lemons into Helicopters" was created. An initiative to guide new graduates and early career professionals through their challenges.

3. We support the NPO YouMeWe, running digital initiatives to create a better future for disadvantaged children and orphans; the future leaders of Japan. 



Content Creation

We write scripts for educational videos:
Elevating educational content with our expertly crafted video scripts, designed to engage and inspire learners of all backgrounds and ages.

We do translation and localization:
We bring your messages, presentations and business materials to a Japanese audience with a tailored and cultural precision. 

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Education Initiative


This is our initiative for helping New Graduates and Early Careers tackle the anxieties and challenges of the professional world. 

Our mission is to support, guide, and motivate new grads and those at the early stages of their careers, as well as develop Japan's next generation of young leaders. 

How? By a mix of online videos, courses and engaging live events.

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NPO Social Impact


Our support for YouMeWe NPO

Sloane Japan supports YouMeWe, an NPO committed to developing the next generation of young leaders.

With a focus on disadvantaged children and orphans, YouMeWe's initiatives are key in creating a future where every child is empowered to lead with vision and integrity.


We share a mission to harness the transformative power of education and technology, ensuring that Japan's future is bright, inclusive, and led by those who have faced overwhelming odds.

Together, we are sculpting the future of Japan, one leader at a time. Join us in this cause to light the path for the leaders of tomorrow.

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