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Hi! I'm Francis, and I help stuck and unfulfilled professionals find their right career mindset.
With the right mindset, you can achieve your career plan, goals and actually get what you want in your life.

I fully believe that we all deserve to work at a career where we feel happy, valued and impactful! It hurts me to see people feeling stuck, lost, working somewhere they hate just because they don't know what else they could be doing.


My mission is to help professionals, like you, to get crystal clear on and achieve your career goals. To have a working life which makes you feel appreciated, impactful, and has you looking forward to going in, rather than dreading Mondays and wondering when your life will ever change.


You can absolutely get the role you want, the happiness, the work life balance, reduced stress and the feeling of being valued and having an impact on society.


I can help you get clear on what your career goal is, and all the steps in between,
and it all begins with your mindset. 


It's possible! Let's figure out and plan the steps together!

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A bit more about me...

I’m a Career Mindset Coach, Speaker
and University Professor in Japan.

I help unfulfilled professionals find their right mindset, so you can achieve your career goals.


My Mission?
To help people like you find your PURPOSE, what you WANT and WHY, and then to achieve those goals. 

My Background?
I'm British, from London, now living in Tokyo!
I'm a husband, dad of a 3 year old and love helping people! 

My Career?
I've worked in more jobs than I can remember. Door to door sales, dept. store floor manager, delivery driver, Uni professor, stockroom, office temp, graphic designer, UX manager, illustrator, international speaker, Ad agency account director, ... you get the idea. I've got more if you ask someday!

With each job I have learnt new skills, things to help me progress and get promoted. Each and every job I was trying to find my happiness and impact. Ultimately in every role, what made the difference and helped me progress was the right mindset. Now, as a Career Mindset Coach, that's what I help people with! 

I've worked with clients in Japan, the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Asia.

Let's get started on your mindset!


  • Are you feeling stuck or trapped at work?

  • Unsure of your goal or purpose for working there?

  • Feeling unappreciated, and that the work you do has no value? 

  • Dreading going to work in the morning?

  • Your job is affecting your relationships outside of work?

  • Worse still, feeling you are wasting your life at a job you don't like?

If you ask yourself any of the above, then you really need to find a Career where you are happy, valued, appreciated and where you feel like you are making an impact in society.

I can help you find the right mindset, get clear on what that career is which will make you happy and impactful, and also together with you, come up with the step by step actions to achieve it!

Are you ready to find your right mindset? 



The right Mindset for Clarity,
Self-awareness and Goal Setting

  • Are you unhappy or feeling stuck?

  • Do you want to know whether this job suits you or if you should consider changing?

  • Feeling overwhelmed with choices, and just not sure how to proceed?

  • Or maybe NOT knowing what you want, but it's "definitely not this job!"

In that case, you need to get Clarity first with the right mindset. 

This 5 week Mindset Coaching course is for finding out the wants / reasons why you are doing what you do.

What is causing you unhappiness and what immediate wins and strengths can we already use? 


We will do exercises on Self awareness and evaluation to help you realise what it is you want to do with your career, and most importantly, why.

Key Mindset modules:

  • Life and Career Audit

  • Busting fears / Your ideal self

  • Clarity, what you want, and why

  • Going from ideas to reality

  • Goal setting and Planning action steps

During the 5 week course, you can ask questions and get support via direct messages and email.

  • 5 x 60-min 1:1 Mindset Coaching Sessions

  • 5 x Workbooks

  • Direct messaging and email support - 5 weeks

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What people said...

Sapana, Mumbai

I was not confident of my career transition plan before I started this online program. I was confused on how to prepare. But Francis' career counselling helped me make a proper plan. His assignments are helpful in understanding your skills better. His weekly one hour sessions are full of effective and innovative methods of cutting down your doubts and shape up the vague plan to a step by step thoughtful plan. The program has boosted my confidence by helping me identify my unique skills. Francis’s online 1:1 Coaching has helped me understand my abilities better. I would surely recommend this those who are in doubt in their career transition or job transition.

Ken, Sydney

When I started working with Francis, I was so stressed, lacking clarity and completely burnt out from sending resumes and hearing crickets. Working with Francis was such a game changer! He used some amazing tools to really help me identify what my blind spots were, helped me make far more tailored resumes, improved my LinkedIn to be recruiter friendly and to show up with confidence in my interviews!

Off the back of our time together, I was starting to book interviews with potential jobs and I’m feeling so confident that I can ace them with ease. Overall, I’d THOROUGHLY recommend Francis. He’s so empathic and understanding and is marvellous for accountability and helping his clients out! 

Nami Tokyo.jpg

Nami, Tokyo

Francis is a great career coach! He listened to my concerns, asked crucial questions, offered suggestions, and strategized my next steps by working closely with me. He is compassionate, patient, and was always there to cheer me on. 

Thanks to him, I have much more clarity on my career path. Thank you, Francis!

Matt, Tokyo

When I first met Francis, I was at a point in my professional life where I felt stuck. I wasn’t happy in my current position but saw no path forward. In under two weeks, he helped me to reevaluate my priorities and create an action plan to reach my goals. I am now closer than ever to achieving the career I always dreamed of but never imagined possible!

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Steven, London

Steven London.jpg

Being a fresh graduate straight from university, the hunt to find a graduate role in finance is extremely fierce. Having applied to many graduate roles and failing in the process, I reached a point where I knew something had to change in my approach. This is when I first got in contact with Francis, who was able to share his experience and offer insight in applying for graduate entry-level jobs. He helped me to realise the power of LinkedIn. Not long after creating a profile I started to receive messages from specialist recruiters in the financial sector. Before I knew it I found myself in interviews with potential employers much quicker than online applications. Francis’ help didn’t stop there, he helped me prepare for interviews by instilling confidence, working on interview techniques and practising questions. Through persistence, I got an offer to work in my ideal field. It was the best decision I made to get Francis on board with helping me navigate into the real world, and I haven’t looked back since.

francis fung career coach helping unfulfilled stressed unhappy trapped overwhelmed professionals find their clarity ideal happy impactful career work role job


Not ready to commit, but looking for
more ways to gain clarity in your career?

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