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Hello! I'm so glad you've decided to apply for this 1:1 Career coaching and can't wait to chat with you to see if we're a good fit!

So what exactly do I help professionals like yourself with?

While I've helped a myriad of different professionals, my main focus is helping those who need Career Clarity, to find work that will make them feel happy, valued and impactful.

I help them get clear on what they want, plan the exact steps to get it, without them having to spend any more time feeling anxious, unsure, stuck, unhappy or not confident.

1:1 Coaching Includes:
1 Hour Zoom Call each Week
Workbooks to help move your thinking and actions forward
Direct messaging with myself throughout the course
Facebook Group support after the 1:1 program finishes,
so you are never on your own.

*Please fill it out completely and honestly! There are no wrong answers!
*I'll be in contact within 48 hours with my appointment scheduler if I think we're a good fit!

Let's take the next step and get started!

What 1:1 Coaching program are you interested in?

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