francis fung career coach helping unfulfilled stressed unhappy trapped overwhelmed professionals find their clarity ideal happy impactful career work role job
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And no, you don't already need to have all the answers or a burning passion figured out, in order to get clear on what career / role will make you happy and impactful. 

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When was the last time you promised yourself that you would bring about a positive, and long lasting change to your career and work life?

MAYBE it was at the start of the year when you said "Right, this is the year! I'm going to change job!"

MAYBE it was during the lockdown, and realising what you're doing ISN'T actually something you enjoy.

OR MAYBE, it’s been bugging you for a while now and you go to bed every night promising yourself, someday I WILL start looking at jobs which suit me, or the role that will make me happy (esp. before going to sleep)

Someday I'll start to think about what career lights me up" (only to get distracted and sucked into the work and problems that we have to sort out now! -- Admit it, you and I both have spent way too much time putting off doing what's good for us, just to "sort out all the work first!")

"Someday I'll update my Resume / CV and LinkedIn"

"Someday I'll connect / network with the right people to help progress my career"

"Someday I'll plan what I need to do to achieve that work life balance I want!" (but right now, I'm busy!)

Let me ask you a question...

But instead...

You'll just keep getting stuck into your busy work and tell yourself "I don't have time to figure out why I'm unhappy. Plus, I don't even know WHAT I want."

You'll just quickly jump onto Social Media and mindlessly scroll, and look at everyone else's lives, instead of spending that time figuring out how to improve yours (because it feels like hard work)

You'll keep prioritising your current work over your own life. You'll be aware that it's affecting your relationships in and outside of work, and you'll hate that feeling. But you'll still put off figuring out what you need to change. And so it goes...

Above the Clouds
francis fung career coach helping unfulfilled stressed unhappy trapped overwhelmed professionals find their clarity ideal happy impactful career work role job

I feel you! ...

It’s frustrating and stressful, and is definitely NOT the way to achieve a happy career and life. Here’s the good news though. It can all be fixed with the right mindset. 

You’re not alone in this repetitive struggle of wanting to change / not changing,
just thinking about the Resume / CV but not doing it, hating your job, dreading the work but feeling lost about how to escape that. 
We’ve all been there, and I feel you!

I know what it’s like to continually want to change, to want progress, to want something "better!", only to get sucked back into the "real work", "what others / clients / the project / the company" wants you to do. 

Or to be 
comparing yourself to others who seem to be loving what they do.
OR even worse, to not be sure of WHAT TO DO, or WHY, and being overwhelmed when it comes to choices, and leaving you in analysis paralysis, and not actually working out what you actually want in your career. 

... So listen up!

Life does exist beyond feeling stressed, overworked, burnt-out as a corporate professional! Always working, but worried that you're just wasting your life in the company, and that your career is dying!


Feeling the dread and lack of balance in your life, and unsure if you'll ever spend your time on work that makes an impact, has work life boundaries, and will further your career!

That life does exist, 



  • Doing a job you feel proud of, which you feel has value, making a difference and impact on society. Instead of feeling like you're only working to pay the bills. Same hamster wheel, month in, month out. 

  • If you had the happy life balance you wanted.
    So you could handle your job and pay attention to your family and personal life.


  • When it came to vacation time, you could actually enjoy it. Instead of thinking and worrying about going back to work. Same for Sunday nights too!

  • Having a job where you're not being yelled at, less office politics and toxic colleagues. Being able to work without that depressed feeling every day. 

  • Just being able to feel in control, competent, content. To actually be doing a job where you are fulfilled and feel like "I got this move right!"

  • Not minding Monday mornings, having peace of mind. Waking up happy and pumped to go to work without feeling any dread!

Stop spinning in circles, feeling both stuck and yet overwhelmed, and finally feel CONFIDENT & PROUD about finding your happy and impactful role. Finding out what you WANT to do, WHY and then HOW to get it.


The Mindset Coaching to help you get the Career you WANT and to be CLEAR, CONFIDENT and ASSURED whilst doing it.

This coaching will include everything you need, to go from being exhausted, stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed with your Career to feeling in control, confident and secure about the next role you WANT. 

Guiding you step by step in this process, so you don't have to go it alone.

francis fung career coach helping unfulfilled stressed unhappy trapped overwhelmed professionals find their clarity ideal happy impactful career work role job

Introducing my...


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What people said...

Sapana, Mumbai

I was not confident of my career transition plan before I started this online program. I was confused on how to prepare. But Francis' career counselling helped me make a proper plan. His assignments are helpful in understanding your skills better. His weekly one hour sessions are full of effective and innovative methods of cutting down your doubts and shape up the vague plan to a step by step thoughtful plan. The program has boosted my confidence by helping me identify my unique skills. Francis’s online 1:1 Coaching has helped me understand my abilities better. I would surely recommend this those who are in doubt in their career transition or job transition.

Ken, Sydney

When I started working with Francis, I was so stressed, lacking clarity and completely burnt out from sending resumes and hearing crickets. Working with Francis was such a game changer! He used some amazing tools to really help me identify what my blind spots were, helped me make far more tailored resumes, improved my LinkedIn to be recruiter friendly and to show up with confidence in my interviews!

Off the back of our time together, I was starting to book interviews with potential jobs and I’m feeling so confident that I can ace them with ease. Overall, I’d THOROUGHLY recommend Francis. He’s so empathic and understanding and is marvellous for accountability and helping his clients out! 

Nami Tokyo.jpg

Nami, Tokyo

Francis is a great career coach! He listened to my concerns, asked crucial questions, offered suggestions, and strategized my next steps by working closely with me. He is compassionate, patient, and was always there to cheer me on. 

Thanks to him, I have much more clarity on my career path. Thank you, Francis!

Matt, Tokyo

When I first met Francis, I was at a point in my professional life where I felt stuck. I wasn’t happy in my current position but saw no path forward. In under two weeks, he helped me to reevaluate my priorities and create an action plan to reach my goals. I am now closer than ever to achieving the career I always dreamed of but never imagined possible!

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Steven, London

Steven London.jpg

Being a fresh graduate straight from university, the hunt to find a graduate role in finance is extremely fierce. Having applied to many graduate roles and failing in the process, I reached a point where I knew something had to change in my approach. This is when I first got in contact with Francis, who was able to share his experience and offer insight in applying for graduate entry-level jobs. He helped me to realise the power of LinkedIn. Not long after creating a profile I started to receive messages from specialist recruiters in the financial sector. Before I knew it I found myself in interviews with potential employers much quicker than online applications. Francis’ help didn’t stop there, he helped me prepare for interviews by instilling confidence, working on interview techniques and practising questions. Through persistence, I got an offer to work in my ideal field. It was the best decision I made to get Francis on board with helping me navigate into the real world, and I haven’t looked back since.


is all about HELPING YOU WITH...





Where are you now?
What's working / not working?
What is it that you want?

Why are you doing what you do?

Don't just think about it. We will set a goal, make the plan to achieve it and the steps in between. With the right mindset, you can achieve anything!

By the end of our 5 weeks together you will have the right mindset, attitude, tools, plan and strategies to FINALLY get the career and happy role you want.  You will be more fulfilled and content at work, and you'll have acquired the internal mindset and confidence to ensure your perspective stays that way in the future. 
And most importantly, whilst we go on this journey together, you will HAVE FUN DOING IT! 

What are your strengths and what is holding you back from having the Career you want?
We will find out all the above and more, including your goals.


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What we’ll cover in our 5 weeks together

Week 1 - Life and Career Audit

Your Values and Goals / An audit of your life

Self Evaluation exercises
Getting the Career you want starts off by getting clear and aware of where you are now, what's working and what's not. Truthfully honest module, but needed.

Week 2 - Deeper Mindset Work

Busting your fears and becoming your ideal self
We need to overturn your limiting beliefs, work on what you envision for yourself, plus practically get clear on what you want, what you're great at and what values you believe in, so we know what you're looking for.

Week 3 - From Ideas to reality.

Clarity on what you want, the practical exercises to find these out.
Uncovering in more practical detail your transferrable skills, the jobs that exist which you are looking for, and suitability. Getting crystal clear on what you want. 

Week 4 - Goal setting

Goal setting and Planning the Steps
With a renewed mindset, we will do goal setting and planning with actual action steps for what to do next. Following these action steps will lead you to your goals, whether in life or your career. Just take action!

Week 5 - Review and Final Check

Reviewing the Detailed Plan and Final Discussions
Checking the action steps and making them even easier to achieve. Plus final discussions on Attitude, Mindset and Confidence to not only pursue the one goal, but how to maintain this mindset for all future goals!

Above the Clouds

How will this work?

The Calls for the 5 week course

  • There will be 5 calls in total.

  • Each call is 60 minutes

  • Outside of these calls, you will have Direct Messaging access to myself for the 5 weeks you are on the course. 

The Workbooks

  • Worksheets and Workbooks will be shared with you weekly, via your own Google Drive folder.

  • Homework will be checked (so you need to do it! Otherwise why else would you join the course!) and to be shared in the folder or by email. 

By the end of the 5 week course, you’ll have the mindset, tools & step-by-step plan to clearly and confidently go after the Career you want, and be happy!   

francis fung career coach helping unfulfilled stressed unhappy trapped overwhelmed professionals find their clarity ideal happy impactful career work role job

What you'll
walk away with...

  • The Mindset, Clarity, tools and step by step plan to achieve the Career and role you actually want (and also what Career or role that is!

  • The lessons and worksheets are yours to keep for life and to refer to any time you need.

  • The self assured attitude and confidence which you will carry into all areas of your life, to achieve any goal in your career and life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this 5 week course a good fit for me?

This program is designed to help stuck, lost, unfulfilled and overwhelmed Corporate Professionals to find the Career or role that will make them happy and valued, appreciated and impactful. All by working on your attitude and Mindset and getting clear on your Wants and Whys. 

My goal (through this program) is to help you truly learn how to find what it is you want, the steps to achieve it, and have you ready for all stages, from clarity of your own thinking and strengths, the confidence and mindset required, through to the practical aspects of planning and goal setting.

If you’re committed to finding your ideal role and Career, and getting something you actually WANT and will enjoy for the LONG-TERM, then you’re in the right place!

Who is this course NOT for?

This course is not a guarantee of a job. I am not your personal Recruiter, and I will not be serving you Career options for you to choose from. You will need to be committed and motivated to change your stressed lifestyle. 

You will need to put in the work to think, self evaluate, self discover and figure out what Career you truly want.

I will be there to support you every step of the way, but I am not taking those interviews for you, or filling out your LinkedIn profile! (I will also not be doing your homework) so if you're not going to be committed, this course is not for you. 


When do we start?

Firstly, you'll need to complete the application form, with some basic questions, just to see if we're suited to work together, and to ensure your situation is something I can actually help you with. After reviewing the form, I'll connect with you if we're a good fit, to arrange an assessment call, and to go over the program details and costs. 

Costs are not mentioned on this page, as I only discuss costs if I think I can help you. 

After costs are agreed, we'll have a kick off call, and then coaching can begin as soon as we set the weekly time.

Above the Clouds

Next steps

Ready to finally go for the Career and role you want? With the right Mindset and attitude and feel happy with where your work and life are heading? 

Thanks and speak soon,



P.S. Feeling lost, overwhelmed, stuck and unfulfilled in your Career … I know these struggles far too well. I know how stressful it can be to desire a different reality for yourself but not being able to achieve it – DESPITE knowing your current role just ISN'T what you want. 


You may even already be on the edge of giving up and quitting. Just carrying on with the current job, just because you're so unsure of the next steps - and that’s a totally normal reaction!

But I won’t let you. I am here to offer the systems, support and accountability you really need to build find that Career which will make you happy, fulfilled and wanting to wake up in the morning!

You have it in you to find and achieve that Career! It's just a change of attitude and Mindset. I can’t wait to see it happen for you!

francis fung career coach helping unfulfilled stressed unhappy trapped overwhelmed professionals find their clarity ideal happy impactful career work role job

Why wait?
Let's do this!